Tennessee Avenue Lofts

Los Angeles

“This project is cutting edge and the adaptive reuse is very welcomed. It is forward thinking in ways that our planning and zoning codes sometimes hamstrings us from doing.”
—Jane Usher, President, City Planning Commission

“This project is a slice of the future and represents a great opportunity to further link transit systems with land use.”
—Diego Cardoso, Commission, City Planning Commission

“We believe this project is a good project. We hope to be able to support Councilman Rosendahl’s direction as the project moves forward.”
—Monica Walters, Business Representative Mayor Villaraigosa’s Office of Economic Development

“The Councilman is very supportive of this project. We think this would be a really great project and would fit in with the mixed nature of this particular area. I support this project and urge your support.”
—Grieg Asher, Planning Deputy, Councilman Bill Rosendahl

“We feel, without question, that this project is visionary and totally compatible with the area. The neighborhood council and the community are very excited about this project and we support it with a great deal of enthusiasm.”
—Paul Reznick, President, West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council

6230 Mixed Use

Hollywood California

“We believe that the building they propose will be a welcome addition to our neighborhood. We are happy to recommend this project for your favorable consideration.”<br/ > —Susan Swan, President, Hollywood United Neighborhood Council

“Second Street Ventures provided presentations to the PLUM Committee as well as the Board of the CHNC and impressed them with their project as well as their willingness to listen to the community. Input suggested the removal of super graphics and Mr. Jordan followed through on this, regardless of the potential financial loss to his company. His action made a very positive impression.”<br/ > —Debbie Wehbe, President, Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council

“I am president of the Hollywood Dell Civic Association. I wanted to let you know that our organization, representing approximately 1200 homes in the Hollywood Hills directly above the project, supports the project at 6230 Yucca, proposed by Second Street Ventures. Second Street Ventures and their team have been stellar in their community outreach effort and have actively sought community input with the project.”<br/ > —Patti Negn, President, Hollywood Dell Civic Association

“This project provides to the Hollywood community, both residential and office space, along with retail ability that allows for balance in our vastly growing community. This type of development is very much needed and welcomed in to Hollywood.”<br/ > —Tricia La Belle, Hollywood Hospitality and Nightclub Owners’ Association

9919 Jefferson Office Project

Culver City

“I wish other developers did as good a job as you have done; going to people. You did a great job and I really appreciate it.”
—John Kuechle, Vice Chairperson, City Planning Commission

“I do support the project; its contemporary design; it’s pedestrian friendly. It meets the vision of DFD for creative office use.”
—Marcus Tiggs, Commissioner, City Planning Commission

“I really appreciate the upfront considerations and the efforts that you made with the community at census-building. You worked with residences and businesses to listen to their concerns and to be sensitive and to incorporate those ideas within your final plan here. And, to even come with endorsements of those individuals and entities. I applaud you for that. Overall, I think it provides substantial improvement to the area. I think it’s a welcome addition and I support the project.”
—Linda Smith Frost, Commissioner, City Planning Commission

“I also appreciate the fact that the applicant reached out to myself and took the time to really explain this project to me up front. I came to this meeting much better prepared. I would urge more types of this development. I do support this project.”
—Anthony Pleskow, Commissioner, City Planning Commission